Get SIGNED by The D2 Sounds

Dear Artist welcome to our official website. We are excited to hear your music. Submit your best work to us. We don’t care if you have 0 Subscribers or Only 30-40 plays on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud or any other streaming platforms. We don’t care if you didn’t have any Fan base we just care about You and Your musical talent. We are looking for best talented artists with seriousness in Music.

Why You Should Join Us and What We Can Offer You

1/ We are gonna distribute your music on Apple Music iTunesPandoraSpotify, YouTube Content IDYoutube, YouTube Red, YouTube Music, Google Play7Digital,AkazooAmazon, Amazon Music, AnghamiAudible MagicAWADeezerFacebook / InstagramGracenoteiHeartRadioiMusica,KKBoxLINE MusicNmusic Triple PlayQobuzNapster,ShazamSimfy AfricaSiriusXMSlackerSoundExchangeTeslaTIDALTikTok,Yandex, Audiomack, JioSaavn, Slacker Radio, Kuack, Vodafone, Music, Kölbi Music, Boomplay, Yandex, Bitel Música, Altice Music, Neurotic Media, TouchTunes, Alibaba, NetEase Cloud Music, d’Music, Lola Music, MyDigicel, Tencent and More.

The Fortune F – Block

2/ We will Offer you Marketing Support. There are lots of Music Distribution available but they are only music distributions, They Never Promote Your Music but they will take fees or percentage from your royalties! But We are alternative Record Label and like other Major or Independent Record Label, We also have Music Marketing and Promoting Plans for Our Artists, Bands or Music Producers.

3/ Spotify Playlist feature is always available for you. It depends on your Music Quality and Genre, if your Music quality isn’t good then we can’t put it on Spotify’s big playlists but we will make sure that your Music is added to Spotify Playlists and YouTube Music Playlists also.

4/ When ever The D2 Sounds confirm a Deal with any Major Record Label and became their Subsidiary then you also became a part of that Major Record Label. Republic Record is an Subsidiary of Universal Music Group so all Republic Artists are also part of UMG.

5/ We will give you feature options mean You can work with any Artist, Bands, Producers under The D2 Sounds. It will boost your career up and it will bring you to new fans.

Lam Knight has more than 200k views on his official Audio Saturday Night.

6/ Advance Money option will be available soon for any new artist under The D2 Sounds. Mean We will provide you money for Recording, Video Shoot, Producing, completing Album or EP.

7/ Social Media Ads, Social Media marketing, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and YouTube video Ad marketing will available for new artist soon but we are working with us and released any track and you already see how much serious you are about music then you will see your own work’s Ads are running on Social Media.

8/ We are not music distribution company but we are using and we have great relationships with Industry’s one of the best music distribution company. Bye the way lots of people are facing problems because they are individuals and alone independent artists so they can’t say anything strongly to their distribution services or stores but in our case we already signed a distribution deal and we are in a business with our music distribution company and there is no way to face any kind of Problem about Payments, Music Sending Processing etc etc.

Lam Knight – Saturday Night now has more than 200k on Youtube He released his Saturday Night under The D2 Sounds

9/ You will get your royalties through PayPal. When you join us, you will get login option and when you release any track, you can see how many plays your music is getting, how many downloads you have. After first release 45-50 days after your money will be start showing on your payment page and you can submit an PayPal payout request and you will receive your money through PayPal.

10/ We also provide release rules, Advice for our new artists, Special support for New Artists & Professional Support for our rising big Artists under our Label.

We can do more for our Artists, Bands, Producers. We are new Independent Record Label but We are here for Make and Change Music History. If you believe that you join us to change and make some new history then You can Submit Your work to us.