Root Digital Marketing Agency part of The D2 Sounds and responsible for all marketing task and promotional decisions.

The D2 Sounds – Root Digital Marketing Agency™️

Root Digital Marketing Agency RDMA”owned by The D2 Sounds.

In 2022 The D2 Sounds realized that RDMA should be our Official subsidiary and they should work with other Artist, Companies, Organization, Individuals and professionals of any category.

Social media advertising is defined as a form of digital advertising that serves paid ads to your target audience using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Marketing and E-commerce

Notice: If you believe that your Content is good enough and highly marketable then you can contact us for our services. We do not want to Waste your money and our time on something that is not Marketing worthy. Our motive isn’t hurting you and your emotion. do not judge your content. Work on it, Improve it, then we are here for Marketing…….

We work with People from All Around The World

Our services

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Facebook and Instagram Ads offer musicians a powerful, yet affordable, way to reach new potential fans through its hyper audience targeting and remarketing tools.

Set Up Online Marketing Processes

(Social Media, Email Marketing and Analytics) Having your online systems in place will help save time so you can focus more on doing what you love, creating and performing music.

Social Media Coaching

Learn the strategies, insights and best practices to reach and engage loyal fans that will support you throughout your career.

Consultation for Marketing and Branding

If you need extra guidance in your career, advice for an upcoming release or learn how to do something, I’m available for phone or in-person sessions.

Develop Online Marketing Plan

If you don’t have a plan to keep you on track towards your goals, you may end up wasting a lot of time and money.


Social Media Strategy

Brand Development



Brand + Marketing Strategy

Digital Advertising